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   Sorry to have been out of touch for awhile.  Yes, I'm still around (and still enjoying lots of wonderful wine).  I've just been having difficulty orchestrating new events that are special enough for the members of LADV.  Because of the economy, I've found that most of the sources of greater 'value' for our events (wineries, winemakers, restaurants, etc.) have really trimmed back on making the kind of special deals and arrangements that have always kicked our events up a notch, in spite of their longer-term marketing benefit.  And if I can't put together events that are in many ways better than a visit to a good wine bar or restaurant, I just prefer not to go through the motions.  This is not only because I don't want to cobble together and offer mediocre events, but also because I've learned that the group is savvy enough not to attend such events if they were offered. 

So, I have been trying; however, but where I have truly been neglectful is in not communicating this to the group  I've optimistically been proceeding as if things would change and come together at any moment, and only now in retrospect do I see that months have passed.  So, please accept my apologies for the silence, and know that I am hoping that a slowly rejuvenating economy will again soon allow for me to assemble wine events that you will feel worthy of your time and money.  Until such time as a set of top-notch events can be constructed and scheduled, please consider our normal summer hiatus to be extended. 


If you have any "hot tips" on great themes or people / places that would like to partner with us in an event, please contact me...